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email: kenny@kennysmusicbox.com

Website: www.kennysmusicbox.com



Jibba Jab played last Saturday at The Cafe Arabica in Morristown, NJ to a sold out crowd. What a great time and a great place. We got the place all rocked and funked up. Sorry I didn't list the date in advance but we will be back there and I promise that I will let you all know the date. Big thumbs up for concert promoter and rap artist Scorpeo. He's da man who made this event happen. Peace brothas and sistas.


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Hey Man! I just put together a new band called JIBBA JAB. It's me on guitar and vocals, Rob Tambini on bass and vocals and Neil Collier on drums and vocals. We play a very eclectic blend of original compositions and cover tunes done with our own twist. We tend to get quite funky so bring your dancin' shoes. I'll be listing gigs soon on the gigs page. We'll be appearing in Morristown, NJ in March. I'll keep you posted.



8/2/06 ..........................RedZone Effects................................................

CHECK OUT www.redzoneeffects.com ! It's my new guitar effect pedal line, RedZone Effects made in the USA! The first pedals should be available in August. Awesome stuff that is sure to please all fans of my Snarling Dogs pedals.



Happy New Year to all. This seems to be the start of a great new year. I have many good things going on. It seems that talks have started about Wykked Trip getting together to record and possibly do some gigs. Some Florida venues have been mentioned as Steve Cottrell (bass) is down there now checking a few things out. Thisof course they would lead to New York and New Jersey gigs. We'll have to wait and see ........

Back in Jersey I have been working with bassist extrodinaire Glen Moran. More on this soon.



A few years back, I was working on a low budget horror flick called Scarlet Moon. We shot lots of film and I thought it would never see the light of day. As it goes, there was all lot of footage and Scarlet Moon was split into two films. The other film is called "Dark Beginnings". I am seen in "Dark Beginnings" as a mutating frogman. I also wrote some of the script and did a few other tasks as is standard proceedure on these types of films with limited budget. "Scarlet Moon" is set for release in January 2005 though I don't appear in that flick. "Dark Beginnings" should be released later in 2006 hopefully around Halloween. I'll keep you posted and give you a website that you can visit to find out about the flick very soon. A few pictures of me as the mutant will be posted on my website soon. It seems like 2006 will be a good year for me as I will be releasing 1 or more cds and there will be this film release. I should also be putting my new band together and possibly coming to your town. More soon.........

The "Bootzilla" bass Fuzz/Wah is now available through "Snarling Dogs" effects pedals. I designed this signature pedal for none other than the great Bootsy Collins. Check out the photos with me, Bootsy and Buckethead in my "pics" and go to "Links" on my homepage to check out "Snarling Dogs", my line of guitar and bass effects pedals. You can hear me do demos of a lot of the pedals on the website. They're cool.

There is some more exciting news that I can't mention at the present time. Stand by and hopefully I can tell you about it towards the end of January.


Hey! That is Kenny and Sue along with Lexi and Grandma Dotty in that commercial for The Auld Shebeen. It's been running on Cablevision local t.v. in New Jersey. Keep an eye out for it.

The Wykked Trip website is up again but still under constuction. Check it out www.wykkedtrip.com Wykked Trip


Monday, Feb. 14th is Valentines Day. Kenny and Susie will be celebrating while appearing in a television commercial. We'll tell you more about the commercial after they are finished doing the shoot.

The acoustic Kenny Segall and Steve Cottrell show at the Saint went very well. Thanks to all who attended.


Kenny Segall and Steve Cottrell from Wykked Trip will be appearing at "The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ on Tuesday, Feb 8th. They go on at 8:30. It is a special acoustic(Kinda) show so don't miss it.

The Wykked Tripp web pages should be back up soon at this website so keep an eye out.



Hey! The CD with Jaybo is finished. Stevie D'Acutis did a great engineering job and plays a cool guitar solo, trading off riffs with me and Jaybo on one tune. It's some cool blues and jazz with some wild and funny things thrown in. We do reach beyond into space a few times (check out "Charlie's Dead"). It was recorded at Sound Spa (my fav studio) We don't have it ready to sell yet but stay tuned to my website.

The new TELEPATHIC HELMET band (my project) is forming and is currently in the studio trying to finish the long awaited CD. I promise that it will not disappoint. Jaybo will be helping me along with Bob Ramos on drums and percussion. Danny Colangelo played some drums too. Stevie D'Acutis is engineering as always and will also be performing on the CD. It is being recorded at Sound Spa in Edison NJ. Working with such a great crew, you can't go wrong. More soon.

I have been working on a CD project with my long time friend Jaybo. The CD should be finished sometime in Sept 04. Title is not yet known. I'll be producing the CD and playing on most of the songs. I wrote one tune and collaborated on a few others with Jaybo. It's kind of a blues CD with a twist. Very cool. I'll keep you posted. Check back soon. 8/23/04

Keep an eye here for updates about Wykked Trip. The Website is temporarily down but should be back up soon. Any info will be posted here.

Got a bunch of other things brewing but don't want to talk about them yet. Stay tuned!


OK, so it's been a while since anything was added here. Lots of new things to talk about.The Snarling Dogs booth at the NAMM show was really hoppin' this year. Lots of artists stopped by to see Kenny and the gang at D'Andrea. Kenny gave his demos and jammed with his good friend, bass player Paul Ill (who played on Pink's latest CD) at the SD booth. Kenny made a few new friends like Ken Parker (Parker guitars) and Bob Shade (Hallmark guitars). New pictures will be up soon on this website and the Snarling Dogs site.

Kenny has been working on a DVD for the Snarling Dogs website. It feature Kenny giving demos of the SD pedals and explaining the products. Background music is by Kenny and the boys from Wykked Trip. It should be up soon.

Wykked Trip should be gearing up for new shows soon. They will have some new tunes as well as the regular favorites. " It's been a wicked trip.....yeah, yeah"

Kenny would like to congradulate Jeff Beck for his Grammy. Jeff used Kenny's Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-O-Wah on his song "Plan B" which won Jeff the Grammy. Thanks Jeff......That's right..."you're the best!"

Kenny was at the Sam Ash anniversary celebration at 48th St in Manhattan playing and doing Snarling Dog Demos. January 15-18, Catch Kenny at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. He will be at the Snarling Dogs booth for the whole show.


Hey everybody! Wykked Trip just finished recording a 5 song cd. It was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. They felt that this way they would stay true to their live raw, heavy sound. Kenny does some wild guitar things and sings backup vocals. For more information on how to get your copy, go to the Wykked Trip website.


A great review of Wykked Trips' CD will be out 10/15 in The Aquarian. Be sure to check it out.

"....the most potent hard-edged project to lunge out of the shore scene in ages." .......Chris Barry from an article in The Aquarian.

It seems that Wykked Trip is making quite an impact on the music scene. Kenny has been devoting most of his musical efforts towards making this project work. Kenny, Steve Cottrell, and Steve Thompson seem to have that certain magic that a band needs, to make things happen.

Their recent gig at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ showed strong proof of that magic. It seems they have an uncanny ability to win over any audience, by the end of their opening number. More to come......


Check out the new upcoming Wykked Trip gigs on the gigs page.