As he prefers to remain fairly mysterious, We will keep this short and sweet. Born and raised in New Jersey, USA, at a very young age Kenny worked with his father in his electronics shop. Kenny always had an interest in music, electronics and sci-fi, horror and fantasy films. While learning to play the guitar, he was very fortunate to have a dad who was able to help him repair his gear and even build a few effects pedals.

At the age of 15 Kenny was already playing clubs and colleges. Playing with older musicians helped him develop his unique musical style and sound at a young age. As time passed , he played with the finest musicians New Jersey had to offer, making quite a name for himself as a guitarist - singer - songwriter and sometimes playing bass or keyboards.

Kenny has worked as a recording engineer, producer, and has done music for commercials and award winning short films. He has appeared in commercials, a low budget horror film, many cable shows including "Sex and the City" and on MTV with his ex band "IDEAS".

Currently Kenny is recording with his band "Telepathic Helmet" and touring with Wykked Trip. The "Wykked" ones have just released a live in the studio cd. For more on that, go to their website.


Now let's not forget about Kenny's interest in electronics. He has created a line of guitar effects pedals called "Snarling Dogs" pedals. Along with his friend Charlie Stringer (God or whoever rest his crazy soul) they started a big commotion in the industry with their wild pedals and crazy adds but managed to walk straight down the gray line of what is ok to do and what will have you arrested. Currently the trade name Snarling Dogs belongs to a great company with a great bunch of cool people, D'Andrea . Check out their website for cool gear and to check out Kenny's pedals. Kenny can be seen at most major guitar tradeshows doing demos at the Snarling Dog booth.

A number of other companies in the music industry have called on Kenny to help design or demo products. Kenny's efforts have won some of his creations awards. He has even tweaked other company's pedals so they won awards.

Whatever he may be doing.....Playing music....making pedals...acting .... etc., Kenny always puts his heart and soul into his work.